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Judgment Manager Feature List

Welcome to the Judgment Manager features page. This page will help you understand why Judgment Manager 4.0 is one of the best Judgment Recovery Software tools available.

  • Simple to keep track of clients:
    Judgment Manager makes tracking clients simple. The database is able to hold an unlimited amount of cases without the need to get another permit.
  • Powerful, Stable & Protected Database:
    The data included in a subject of your database is safe from prying eye. Wisdom Manager features a highly protected and secure database.
  • Not any training or user guide needed:
    Judgment Manager is so user friendly that the lead developers 9 twelve months child was able to use the software with no user guide. This really is due to in your face layout clean layout.
  • Preserve Court & Sheriff Info in the database:
    View Manager allows you to store important courthouse information within the database for quick access.
  • Free Endless Software Updates:
    All customers will receive free improvements of Judgment Manager as they may become available. The upgrade notifications will be directed via e-mail, so please keep us informed on any e-mail address changes so you don't miss any update notifications.
  • An automatic data formatting:
    All data is automatically formatted as entered into the data source. This will help keep your data spending arranged.
  • Secure login screen maintains data safe:
    It is quite important to protect your data in a world like today. Because of this , we added a secure login display screen in order to get into the data in Judgment Supervisor.

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