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supportUnlike many of the other software company's today, we offer free product support via email 24/7. Besides, why should you have to pay for an error we made right?

The only thing we ask is that you please submit the following when reporting a bug. What exactly were you doing when the error took place, the operating system being used and what the error message said.

New Program
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Gnome-SystemAs you continue to browse our site, you'll see that Judgment Manager 4.0 comes with many great features that will make your job much easier.

Out of all the many features included with the new Judgment Manager 4.0, we believe the most important of them all is the fact that version 4.0 is built on a more stable platform and MS Access Database to make sure your data is quickly accessible.

Smart Business Decision
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moneyPurchasing Judgment Manager 4.0 is really just a smart business decision. Simply the best Judgment Recovery Software on the market hands down.

Judgment Manager can be used right out the box. We actually made the product so easy to use that you have no reason to look for the user guide. We did not include a bunch of useless features like the previous version.



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The Ultimate Judgment Recovery Software Tool Just Got Better!

We have finally released the very much anticipated Judgment Recovery Software program program known as View Manager 4. 0. Coming from designed Judgment Manager some. 0 for Professional View Recovery Specialists, Private Fascination, Lawyers and other people whoms in charge of collecting outstanding financial obligations.

Judgment Manager 4.0 was designed to do the same things but we had a few bugs and features we had to do away with in order to give you the software you expected in order to be successful in operating your Judgment Recovery Business.

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ABOUT-USJudgment Manager 4.0 is a Judgment Recovery Software tool developed and owned by Dulaney Software Group an eActiveNet, Inc. Company. The Judgment Recovery Software business is becoming more competitive everyday.

Instead of keeping up with the current trends, we decided to create a Judgment Recovery Software program that is satisfying to our customers, easy to use. We greatly appreciate your interest in our Judgment Recovery Software.

Please take some time and learn more about our Judgment Recovery Software Judgment Manager 4.0. If you have any questions that are not answered on our site please don't hesitate to contact us.


aboutJudgment recovery is a business where monies owed by delinquents or defaulting parties under judgments are collected by an independent agency or person. This is done by salary garnishment, direct demand, and by auctioning assets. Judgments can be small cause judgments, larger contract judgments, family support judgments and criminal case judgments.

Judgment recovery professionals play a very important role in the civil and criminal justice system. They make sure that a judgment holder gets the money owed by the defaulting judgment debtor. They play the role of investigators. They expose scams, force delinquent spouses and parents to pay support; they investigate and get compensation from those convicted of embezzlement and insurance fraud. They serve processes, inform employers of the need to withhold wages for the recovery of debts and obtain monies from the sale of the assets of the defaulter.

Before embarking on a judgment recovery business, a professional must learn the process of judgment recovery by doing a judgment recovery course. Judgment recovery courses are available both online and offline. The course must, however, deal in detail with the laws and codes regarding debt collection and judgment recovery of the state where the individual intends to establish the business. Checking with the Better Business Bureau about the course before taking it will give the student an insight as to the credibility of the course. The course should also teach the student methods of finding records, investigation and searching databases. The course should teach the students to separate judgments worth pursuing and judgments barred by limitation.

It is a common misconception that the judgment recovery is an easy stay at home business that brings in easy money. Judgment recovery is difficult and requires a lot of hard work and dedication. A professional needs to keep track of the debtor and the debt through different databases. Recovering judgment dues needs tremendous research. Out of 100 cases it is likely that only in 30 cases, recovery will be successful. Each recovery does not have a standard method. Each judgment has a different circumstance and has to be dealt with in a unique way.